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Tech Support

Tech Support

Advice & Consultation

We bring you more than 19 years of international experience.


Service Arrangements

We offer individually designed arrangements to suit all your operational requirements.


Staff Training

To enjoy all of the benefits from our product investment, we properly train your staff in our products.


Staff Re-Training

As staff are rotated, we make sure that they are conversant with your products at all times.


Operational Routines

We provide guidelines on international routines in order that your needs are completely met.

24 hour on Call


Day & Night – because the hotel business is a 24-hour product and your staff has to be on hand for guests around the clock, we promise that whenever you need us, we will be there.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Happiness – The minute you have become our customer, we aspire to deliver the most impeccable after-sale-service possible. Our efforts will meet both you and your guest’s satisfaction.

At GuestServ, We Listen & Respond. Contact us now.