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Orion Energy Management System

Orion Energy Management System

Reducing energy consumption should not compromise your clients’ comfort. You can’t allow clients to find their room either too warm or too cold when they return. By completely switching off all in-room electricity, facility owner will increase savings but can also impact the satisfaction of their residents.


An intelligent Energy Management Solution will take control of the room temperature when the rooms are not occupied, never allowing the room to become too warm or too cold. As soon as resident return to their room, the system automatically return to the resident’s temperature settings.

The benefits are:

  • Lower your energy cost
  • Take control of your property energy consumption
  • Generate system reports to keep control of property’s savings, occupancy, summaries and more.
  • Improve your green initiatives and contribute to reduce global warming impact.
  • Flexible settings to fit all types of properties and climates.
  • Adaptive to your needs with flexible installation alternatives.
  • Integration option towards Visionline allowing one system to control everything from EMS to access control.
  • Easy and user-friendly for residents to control room temperature.
  • Ensuring residents comfort by maintaining a stable temperature when the residents is absent. This ensure that the room is neither too warm or too cold when return to their rooms.

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