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Interel GuestRoom Management System

Interel GuestRoom Management System

Reducing energy consumption should not compromise your guest’s comfort. An intelligent GuestRoom Management System will take control of the room temperature when the rooms are not occupied, never allowing the room to become too warm or too cold. As soon as the guest returns to their room, the system will automatically return to the guest’s preferred temperature settings. Lighting control, interfacing with other services, door lock and mobile app integration, Interel will answer your every need.

Getting the light right is a master discipline in luxury hospitality – and we are pros at executing your design. Our scripting engine knows no limits to the number and complexity of well studied lighting scenes.

Experience the joy of customisation at your leisure; every detail of our panels can be your decision. We deliver bespoke design capabilities and provide immense flexibility to make elegance fit into your design, not the other way around.

The Hotel of Things: the next wave in making your hotel work smarter. Indoor micro-locationing for asset tracking and loss prevention. Location based marketing and services for the perfect reach. Infrastructure as a service for third party sensors and IoT devices.  App enabled solutions for results you need.

Our Interel product is designed to lower the total cost of ownership throughout their entire lifecycle – from design to deployment to service. Find out how you can take advantage of this.

Interel Hotel Operators Approved v4

Our existing partnerships and integrations with market leaders ensure facilities in your guestroom stay connected to each other through a central hub.

PMS, BMS, HVAC, housekeeping, curtain, lock, asset protection, mobile app integration, we can do it all.

At GuestServ, We Listen & Respond. Contact us now.